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Fandom: Final Fantasy XV
Characters: Prompto Argentum. A couple OCs.
Chapter Rating: G, for the moment.
Warnings: A bit of bullying? It’s glossed over.
Word count so far: 495
Notes: So, in If the Ring Fits, there was one AU where Prompto lived in Tenebrae, was buddies with Luna, and was working as…basically Ravus’s PA. That AU, along with the Fail Bus AU, attracted some interest and I decided ‘why not?'
Now, I’m gonna be honest with all of you.
I am VERY SLOW when it comes to fanfiction. And very flaky. I’m actually kinda excited about this one, though, so hopefully I’ll keep at it. (all encouragement is welcome. and I encourage people to shout out suggestions.) But so far I know BASICALLY NOTHING about how this is gonna go. Will there be pairings? Fuck if I know. How many other characters are gonna show up? Thbbbppppt, ask someone else, 'cause I have no clue. What am I doing? Saying 'fuck it all,’ that’s what.
Anyway, here we have the prologue. The very tiny prologue. I only posted this part separately because it’s written in a noticeably different style than the true chapter one, and I figured it’d be kinda jarring if it was submitted as one chapter.
(also I had Jenny O. music stuck in my head when I typed the fic title)
Obligatory Disclaimer: I don’t own FFXV, since I’m not Square-Enix and I don’t even know anyone from Square-Enix. I don’t own the characters. I’m just playing with them.

PROLOGUE: Let's start at the very beginning

When he was an infant, he was smuggled out of Niflheim, wrapped in a blanket with his arm swathed in bandages to hide the barcode imprinted there. He was given to the Argentums, a Lucian family. They called him Prompto, he called them Mama and Papa, and they belonged to each other. If they were ever aware of where he came from or just how unusual his adoption was, they never said anything about it. His mother worked as an EMT and his father as a banker. They were good, well-meaning, average people.

Prompto was four years old when an opportunity for his father to have a better job opened up across the map. They packed up Prompto, his toys, and most of the things in the house, and off they went to Tenebrae. It made little difference to Prompto, whose memories of Lucis were young and faded easily.

His mother could have stopped working if she wanted to. She didn't--she said she would go batty if she couldn't fill her time--but she did work less, so she could drop Prompto off at school herself most mornings, and pick him up on some afternoons. So she could watch him grow and feel like she was actually there for his life.

He was a solitary child, clinging to his mother's pants in public and keeping to himself in class, even if he watched his classmates like there was a window between them and he was trying to figure out how to break it.

He was eight when his parents gave him a camera--plastic, disposable, maybe ten gil, but that wasn't the important part--and he loved it. It went everywhere with him, until it ran out of film and his father took it away to get it developed when he wasn't looking, deftly leaving an identical replacement in its spot.

He learned through trial and error, for the most part. The first lessons were simple. Faces were good, so long as he wasn't looking up someone's nose. Faces were better if they weren't paying attention to him. Nothing looked like what it was supposed to be if he moved too much. The more complicated lessons came later, but they were some very nice building blocks. He was only nine by the time his parents decided he could be trusted with an actual camera.

Prompto was ten when a classmate finally grabbed his arm and stared hard at the barcode that he had always carefully not questioned. She squinted at it before laughing and asking, "What, did your parents get you for half-off somewhere?"

He used his allowance to buy a pair of gloves at a thrift store that afternoon. His parents didn't question it. Instead they looked…sad. He continued to carefully not question it.

When he was twelve years old, he found a lanky, half-grown dog wandering the street as he walked home from school. As with many things, the dog changed everything.



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